Biomolecules is a peer-reviewed, open access journal on structures and functions of bioactive and biogenic substances, molecular mechanisms with biological and medical implications as well as biomaterials and their applications. Biomolecules is published monthly online by MDPI. The Spanish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SEBBM) is affiliated with Biomolecules and their members receive discounts on the article processing charges.
Impact Factor: 5.5 (2022); 5-Year Impact Factor: 5.8 (2022)
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Topic in Biomolecules, IJMS, Molecules, Sci. Pharm., Cancers, Marine Drugs
Antitumor Activity of Natural Products and Related Compounds Topic Editors: Barbara De Filippis, Alessandra Ammazzalorso, Marialuigia Fantacuzzi
Deadline: 31 August 2023
Topic in Biomolecules, Cells, CIMB, IJMS, JMP, Molecules, Proteomes
Metalloproteins and Metalloenzymes Topic Editors: Eugene A. Permyakov, Ludmilla Morozova-Roche
Deadline: 30 September 2023
Topic in Biology, Biomolecules, Cells, JCM, Organoids
Organ Fibrosis: From Molecular Mechanisms to Clinical Therapies Topic Editors: Maurizio Onisto, Valentina Masola
Deadline: 31 October 2023
Topic in Antioxidants, Biomolecules, Molecules, Pharmaceutics, Separations
Application of Analytical Chemistry in Exercise Physiology and Pharmacology Topic Editors: Andrzej Pokrywka, Dorota Kwiatkowska
Deadline: 15 November 2023
Special Issue in Biomolecules
Human Gut Microbiome and Diet in Health and Diseases Guest Editor: Luis Vitetta
Deadline: 10 August 2023
Special Issue in Biomolecules
Molecular Pathology, Diagnostics and Therapeutics of Retinal Diseases Guest Editor: Antonio Ferreras
Deadline: 15 August 2023
Special Issue in Biomolecules
Molecular Effects of Environmental Pollutants on Health of Human, Animals and Plants Guest Editor: Marina Piscopo
Deadline: 31 August 2023
Special Issue in Biomolecules
Role of Connexins in Hereditary Diseases Guest Editor: Mona M. Freidin
Deadline: 15 September 2023
Topical Collection in Biomolecules
Multi-Organ Alcohol-Related Damage: Mechanisms and Treatment Collection Editors: Natalia Osna, Kusum K. Kharbanda
Topical Collection in Biomolecules
RNA Modifications Collection Editors: Valérie De Crécy-Lagard, Juan Alfonzo
Topical Collection in Biomolecules
Archaea: Diversity, Metabolism and Molecular Biology Collection Editor: Hannu Myllykallio
Topical Collection in Biomolecules
Recent Advances in Cancer Immunotherapy Collection Editor: Kenichi Suda
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