Sensory and Consumer Sciences

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This Section embraces all aspects of sensory and consumer science involving human perception relevant to food and food products.

The focus is on publishing work aimed at understanding food quality and perception via various cross-disciplinary synergies of multisensory human food analysis, experimental psychology, physiological responses and cognitive science. With an overall focus on highlighting the applicability in research, this Section is further focused on contributions that cover the design and development of high-quality, better-tasting, more stimulating, more memorable, and healthier food and drink experiences.

Moreover, manuscripts that utilize instrumentation in relation to food perception and sensory assessment, including digital sensory science tools, methods and applications in sensory and consumer research, are welcomed. Methodologies are also a focus; here, we include work on the development, application and evaluation of unique approaches to measure and analyze food properties based on human perception from a mind and mouth and physiological perspective.

All food product categories are of interest across the food chain, from primary production to food processing and over to eating, retailing and marketing scenarios with the consumer, including both fundamental perspectives on the human senses to understanding eating applicability in food quality.

All studies must include human responses that have an association with food and food products.

Innovative work will be considered if it meets the requirements listed above and features the keywords, as noted below.


  • Fundamentals of the human senses;
  • Sensory science and food perception;
  • Food acceptance and preference;
  • The senses in cross-disciplinary contexts;
  • Multisensory effects;
  • Cross-modal interactions;
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic sensory cues;
  • Sensory method development;
  • Sensory and product design;
  • Food and beverage product quality;
  • The senses in nutrition and eating;
  • The senses and appetite;
  • Sensometrics and data science;
  • Digital and instrumental sensory science;
  • Food choice and consumer behavior;
  • Cross-cultural sensory research and emerging markets;
  • Sensory marketing.

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